Cutest Small Towns in Colorado

The majestic plains of Colorado, together with its tumultuous history, and a wide variety of landscape attract hundreds of tourists each season. The picturesque communities are the ones that attract tourists who are interested in living and observing the authentic spirit of the country.

Following is a list of some the most beautiful small towns in Colorado.

  • Breckenridge is nested near the Rocky Mountains. A community was formed around mining years in 1859. Today, it is still surrounded by an authentic historic area, museums and adventurous opportunities, such as skiing and hiking.
  • Creede was founded around a silver mine, at the end of the 19th century. Today, it is a recreational area surrounded by volcanic cliffs, forests, mountains and water streams. The adventurous can try fishing, kayaking, or wildlife watching. The center has many beautiful boutiques, which still reside in the historic buildings from the 1890s.
  • crested-butteCrested Butte is considered the Wildflower capital city of Colorado. It is a destination often visited by photographers, who love to capture the natural beauty of snowy fields and spring time on the hills around the city. The city hosts many arts festivals, but also offers usual tourist attractions, such as mountain biking, skiing, hiking, climbing and many others.
  • Georgetown is situated near the Clear Creek Canyon. Many streets in the village are paved with the famous red sandstones, bought from the mines near the city. Taking a ride in the old steam locomotive is a must do activity in Georgetown.
  • Estes Park is another resort near the Rocky Mountains. The city has seen a constant flow of tourists since the 1800s due to its natural beauty. Tourists usually take up horseback riding, skiing or other outdoor and adventure activities.
  • Cripple Creek offers tours to its visitors, a trip inside their Gold Mine. Tourists descend up to 1,000 feet under the ground inside the Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine. When on the surface of the earth, they can try outdoor activities and long walks around the city center.