Not Only for Snow Lovers

Although the state of Colorado is very popular among people who love skiing and spending their time in the snow, this is just the tip of the ice berg (no pun intended) of the various attractions that this state has to offer. Sure, Aspen is great and famous, but not everyone is interested in ski slopes. Lucky, then, that Colorado holds that much excitement in itself.

Outdoor Activities

kayakingPutting all things snow aside, outdoor life in Colorado is still amazing. There are so many things to do for people looking for fresh air and various feel-good activities that you will be spoilt for choice. Whether you are into fishing, rafting, kayaking, hiking or mountain biking you will not be disappointed. These activities are of course performed mostly in the summer time, when the snow and ice are far gone. As far as hiking goes, this is still possible to perform in the winter time. However, please beware for avalanches!

City Life

If you are more of a city person and seeking culture, great restaurants and shopping, Colorado has again much to offer. Just head to the city of Denver, check into one of the many hotels available and enjoy the cosmopolitan feel of the area. Denver offers perfect shopping in its malls and shopping streets, and when your legs are tired you can easily rewind in one of the many coffee shops – or why not treat yourself with a glass of champagne in a fancy bar! At night there are a large number of high quality restaurants at your disposal, catering for all tastes. There are many interesting sites in Denver, including a number of interesting museums like the Museum of Nature. if you are travelling with children, you should visit the Downtown Aquarium, Denver Zoo, or the Children’s Museum.