Politics: Majestic Sites in Colorado

Colorado is one of the most exciting places to visit with lots of breathtaking sites to see. Because they are so many, let’s jump right to it.

Crystal Lake

The most enchanting part of visiting the Crystal Lake is hiking about 8 miles up and looking down at a crystal clear reflection of everything around in the lake. It looks exactly like looking at a mirror only this time, its nature at its best.

The Bridal Veil Falls

This 365 foot waterfall that cascades down a rainbow of telluride is a great view to behold. For the best experience, try biking or hiking up to 1600 feet and watch nature’s beauty unfold beneath.

the-red-rocks-amphitheatreThe red rocks Amphitheatre

This is a huge attraction for most people visiting Colorado. The unending rocks and sitting on the stairs enjoying a great rock and roll presentation makes the red rocks Amphitheatre a must visit.

The dinosaur national monument

Lovers of history are going to have a blast viewing real dinosaur bones. To top it all, water rafting at the Yampa river is the most glorious part of the journey with water being splashed all over your face.

The hanging lake

This site has been known to leave most of its visitors with their mouths wide open. The true magic of visiting the hanging lake is watching fill up with water then empty out with such race and balance. You literally get to see the face of God at this lake.

The devil’s head fire lookout

This panoramic view stretches from eastern plains to the western mountains. Enjoy the narrow step climb and enjoy every aspect of the scenery from an elevated position.

The garden of the Gods

Here, visitors get a firsthand look at the most astounding rock formations. The best part of visiting this site is climbing over these crazy rocks.